Marvel's Doctor Strange Prelude

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Vaughan,Brian K. Aaron,Jason Lee,Stan
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The Doctor will see you now! Ahead of the Master of the Mystic Arts' major motion picture, meet the cinematic Stephen Strange -the man who will one day be Earth's Sorcerer Supreme - in this prelude adventure! Plus, magical stories from Doctor Strange's comic book history, from his sensational origin to his entry into the modern Marvel era! The mysterious Ancient One may have much to teach the wounded surgeon Strange - unless the malevolent Mordo has his way! The Doctor faces the nefarious Nightmare and takes an incredible journey back to the very dawn of time. But when he gets shot, can the Night Nurse save his life? Authors: Brian K. Vaughan, Jason Aaron , Stan Lee, Steve Englehart

Marvel's Doctor Strange Prelude Infinite Comic - The Zealot (2016) This Prelude Infinite Comic, centered on Kaecilius, was released on September 7, 2016. MARVEL'S DOCTOR STRANGE PRELUDE. MARVEL.

-- Kaecilius I'd give 5 stars to the Doctor Strange Prelude #1 & #2 plus to the Prelude Infinite Comic #1 (even though our title Sorcerer Supreme is not on the horizon in the stories yet). Also the Marvel Premiere (from the 1970's) deserves I became a huge Doctor Strange fan in the 1980's, especially of the 1970's era of Frank Brunner and company. Compre o livro «Marvel'S Doctor Strange Prelude» de Stan Lee, Jason Aaron, Brian K.