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“The setting chasm” is a narrative or a set of tales about the Lebanese immigration to a small town in the countryside of State of Minas Gerais. It is through the impressions and memories of the narrator, mediated through the personification of the exotic, the foreign, and the different, all represented by Helena and Afif, that the reader starts to understand a story of prejudice and misconceptions. The work is divided into nine parts, so put together that it can be read as a complete novel, or individually, as if a book of short stories. Some narratives were honored with awards at important literary contests, and a priori, are not unprecedented, having appeared in anthologies at other events. However, these texts, now represented by the setting chasm, appear revised and profoundly modified. The nine stories were honored with a prize from the Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo – The State Secretariat for São Paulo Culture - and it is thanks to this incentive that the book is now available to the public. The author is no beginner in literature, and in this, his sixth book, his name is now definitively inserte

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