The Bronte Sisters

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Bronte,Charlotte Brontë,Emily Bronte,Anne
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The Brontë Sisters features three classics of literature collected in a single volume. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, is the tale of governess Jane Eyre and her passionate romance with Lord Rochester, her employer, whose dark and secret past comes back to haunt them. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë, tells of the gypsy boy Heathcliff, and his obsessive love for Catherine Earnshaw, the young woman whose station is above his, but whose family he ultimately comes to master. Agnes Grey, by Anne Brontë, is the tale of its eponymous heroine, a governess in a wealthy household who yearns to find a man who will love and respect her for herself. These three novels, all first published in 1847, are universally acclaimed the greatest artistic achievements of one of the most talented families in all English letters.

Sadly, they all died of tuberculosis before achieving literary success. Today, their legacy is one of the most revered in English literature. Explore where the Brontë sisters penned some of English literature's most celebrated novels In autumn 1845, Charlotte found some of Emily's poems and read them, uninvited.

The two younger Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Emily joined them later that year. The Bronte Sisters' School The Bronte Family site explores the life, literature and art of Victorian women writers, Charlotte Bronte and her sisters, Emily Bronte and Anne Bronte.