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Awesome New Edition is a four-level course in general English for the 21st Century that takes students from an elementary level to an upper-intermediate level. By the end of the course, students will have reached the Vantage (B2 or FCE) level of the Common European Framework for Languages. The lessons take the best from Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and feature elements of the Lexical Approach, Task and Content Based Learning, and Integrated Skills teaching. Key Features- Provides 90-120 hours of classroom teaching plus 120 hours of autonomous learning activities- Integrates grammar, vocabulary, functions, skills, pronunciation and study strategies in a multi-layered syllabus- Relevant and updated texts suitable for today's students- Enables students to communicate in varied situations- Includes a Magazine section with fun activities and natural texts about relevant topics for teens- Presents 21st-Century learning skills that foster learner autonomy and promote development of IT literacy- Teaches students to use online resources for giving presentations, making videos, slide shows, blogs and web pages- Encourages students to discover new grammar in texts and formulate rules about its use

Taking the best from communicative and task-based approaches and modern teaching methods, this course is sure to give your students an awesome advantage over their peers! Books allow students an opportunity to be informed, entertained or escape as they comprehend fiction and non-fiction texts against their understanding of the world, their personal insights, opinions and finally comparing those texts to others. 50 must-read books for your year 2 class. Find the best 50 story books for Y2 and top up your classroom library. The world's most popular and easiest to use icon set just got an upgrade.

Timing it right! Good news! "Kid friendly" timings for primary students from next year. Here come the Walnut Scholars! Our students of Std.