The Secret World Of The Brain

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The brain is the most important part of our anatomy - the master controller that tells the other parts of the body what to do and when to do it. This engaging new book delves into how we use our brains in everyday life and uncovers the crucial workings of this vital organ. How does our brain store memories? How does the brain process emotion? How do we recognise faces? What is dreaming? What does it mean to be conscious? How do injuries and diseases disrupt brain function? Are male and female brains any different? What is really happening in the teenage brain? From revealing how the brain controls our basic functions such as speech, vision and movement to how it determines our perceptions, contributes to our personalities and affects our emotions, this beautifully illustrated book unlocks the key questions about the brain.

The Secret World of The Brain. Andre Deutsch (Carlton Publishing Group). A child's brain is a magnificent engine for learning.

The official page for the Raine the Brain, Book Series. Follow Raine's book adventures and check out other people creating crafty inventions. Interview: Penelope Lewis, Author Of 'The Secret World Of Sleep' Think of everything your brain processes in a single day: your breakfast, a stain on a book cover, a meeting at work.