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Having spent so long on the periphery of the art world, gothic art is taking its place as a bonafide art form influencing fashion, literature, film, media, music, and design. Gothic Art Now brings together for the first time the finest, the freshest, the darkest and the most exciting talents from around the world. The work covers the most compelling gothic art across various media, from paintings and illustrations to photography, sculpture, and digital art. Featured gothic art includes the breathtaking sculptures of H.R. Giger, the ethereal watercolors of Natalia Pierandrei, the grim fairytale paintings of David Stoupakis, the hypnotic oil paintings of David Bowers, the haunting photography of Shannon Hourigan, the sinister dolls of Scott Radke, the delicately dismal portraits of Dorian Cleavanger, and numerous other terrifying and thought-provoking artistic creations in literature, digital media, film, and advertising. Inside information from the artists on how they created their work along with a full artist directory are also featured. Contents: Foreword by acclaimed gothic art author and illustrator Brom IntroductionFemmes FatalesMen in BlackGothic EleganceIndustrial Goth Lurking HorrorDark FantasyCreepy CreationsGrim Comics

Publisher: Ilex Press. ISBN: Category: Art, Modern.

Comment ... Gothic Art Now Estado do meu artigo Estado Este campo deve ser utilizado para detalhar o tempo de entrega, bem como o período de garantia do produto. É também importante descrever o estado real do produto, as suas caraterísticas, funcionalidades e acessórios ... As the name suggests, Gothic Art Now (published in 2008), brings together several genres of current Gothic art in a book full of death and decay, melancholia and madness - for those who love every minute of it.