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Horse expert and aficionado, Peter Clotten, takes the reins in this book and whisks us into the many sides of the equestrian sport world. Expressive portraits and informative accompanying text will acquaint you with famous riders and horse enthusiasts as well as manufacturers, saddleries, and designers who make global style statements with their creations—whether it’s mounted on a horse or in the grandstand at Ascot, St. Moritz, and elsewhere. Impressive, graceful, majestic, but also patient—for horse lovers, there is no lovelier feeling than stroking the coat of their faithful companion, saddling up, and riding off into the woods. In earlier times, the horse served primarily as a means of transportation, but now more than ever, the relationship between horse and human is characterized by an intimate bond, and riding is a way of life—not just for professionals, but for passionate hobbyists as well.

Since 1990 the Games have been staged every four years, halfway through each Olympic cycle. They bring together the World Championships for all FEI disciplines, an idea strongly supported by HRH Prince Philip and much Around the world, equestrian competitions take place in a wide range of settings, from the elegant Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, to the rugged Nevada and California wilderness of the Tevis Cup.

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