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Thompson,Robbie Kirk,Leonard
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Untold adventures of a young Han Solo! You've seen Han escape the mean streets of Corellia by joining the Imperial Navy. But how does a thief used to the chaos of back alley brawls adjust to the order and discipline of the military? Not very well! And Han's dream of becoming a pilot is quickly grounded as he realizes he may not even survive basic training. After a wild sequence of events lands him in the brig overnight, Han is given one last shot at fl ight school. Will Han be top gun - or will he crash and burn? And who is his mysterious rival, ripped from the pages of classic Star Wars comics?! COLLECTING: STAR WARS HAN SOLO - IMPERIAL CADET 1-5

Taking place during the three-year Time Skip at the beginning of Solo, the story picks up shortly after Han Solo escapes Corellia by signing up for the Imperial Navy.Being a former street thief Han is finding it hard conforming to the ... Han Solo - Imperial Cadet #3. CASINO ROYALE! Han Solo gets demoted for insubordination - dragging his fellow cadets down with him.

Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Untold adventures of a young Han Solo Imperial Cadet! Judging by the scenes that bookend Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1, everyone's favorite Corellian might be able to offer up an rationalization for every scrap of trouble he finds himself in — "I can explain" — but more often than not, the person in authority doesn't buy it.You can see how that might be a bit of a problem for Han Solo.