Captain America And The Falcon: Secret Empire

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Captain America...criminal?! The Secret Empire was rarely more secretive or empirical than in this classic arc that sets Cap against a conspiracy out to frame and replace him in the American mind! And pay close attention to the man behind the curtain (or mask, as the case may be)! Corruption and cover-ups conclude with Cap quitting the Avengers, paving the way for his days as Nomad! With Nick Fury, the Black Panther and Banshee! Guest-starring the X-Men (back before it was cool) and featuring an early retelling of Cap's origin! COLLECTING: CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE FALCON 169-176

The story used Richard Nixon as the Number One of the Secret Empire, that spread nuclear weapons around the country to blackmail America to accept ... Captain America begins to lose faith in America which is understandable but before he call it quits, it's time to take down the Secret Empire. It turns out that they have also kidnapped most of the X-Men so Professor Xavier, Jean Grey, and Cyclops arrive as backup. As the Secret Empire makes its move to take over the entire United States, Captain America, Falcon, and the X-Men take the group down with the help of Gabe Jones and Peggy Carter.

Seller 99.9% positive. Marvel Heroes Reborn Captain America TPB 1st Printing 2006 Rob Liefeld VF-NM.