The New American Catholic Bible

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Vários Autores
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Uniquely American, this popular translation is the easiest to understand the Catholic edition of the Bible. This modern translation was prepared by over 50 scholars to capture the thought and individual style of the inspired writers while still making this translation easy to use for all ages.The New American Bible is the perfect Bible for your Catholic family and friends, and these editions from Catholic World Press will make perfect gifts. It's the official Catholic Bible -- as authorized by the Bishop's Committee of Christian Doctrine.

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" There are dozens of translations of the Bible into English, none of which are perfect," said biblical... Hi: I have a question… NEW AMERICAN CATHOLIC BIBLE (NAB) says: "…controversies which supplied the background materials for the **CONFLICT stories ** of the Gospels…" "One may ask: Was Jesus involved in these conversations? Did He answer exactly as related in the Bible? It is not certain." And "The book known as Acts of the Apostles in the Bible often puts words into the mouths of ... "The new Great Adventure Catholic Bible is a thing of beauty. There's no other way to describe it.