Dictionary of Computer And Internet Terms

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Downing,Douglas Covington,Michael A. Covington,Melody Mauldin
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Computer science and computer technology are constantly changing, and this handy dictionary has been expanded and updated once again to keep pace with newest developments. Updated to include expanded coverage of electronic publishing, the alphabetized entries define terms as familiar as DATABASE and INTERNET, and as esoteric as MANDELBROT SET. Tables and charts explain electronic circuit diagram symbols, the Quicksort algorithm in action, the way transistors operate, computer command codes, and just about everything else that relates to computers. The New York Times called this dictionary's previous edition "....a book that belongs on the desks of computer enthusiasts."

Each term includes a definition / description. With more than 750 pages, this dictionary is one of the most comprehensive resources available.Terms relate to applications, commands, functions, operating systems, image processing and networking.No other dictionary of computing terms even comes close to ... Dictionary of Computer and Internet TermsCDN$ 18.32(53)In Stock.

No single organization owns or controls the internet. FOLDOC is a computing dictionary. It includes definitions of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions and companies, projects, history, in fact any of the vocabulary you might expect to find in a computer dictionary. This best-selling dictionary has been fully revised by a team of computer specialists, making it the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to computing available.