Schofield’S Fine And Classic Cocktails

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Schofield,Joe Schofield,Daniel
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Internationally renowned mixologist Joe and Daniel Schofield have worked at the some of the best bars in the world, from the American Bar at The Savoy Hotel and The Zetter Townhouse in London, to the Tippling Club in Singapore.Their reputation for creating superlative cocktails from classics to contemporary innovations, has led to numerous awards and much acclaim within the bartending industry. Here are 100 classics, re-made with contemporary ingredients and with guest recipes from some of the world’s leading bartenders. With details on how to make delicious drinks using only the finest ingredients, expert techniques and the best quality ice, as well as their personal recommendations for the most suitable spirits, mixers and garnishes for each recipe, this book is a must have for any cocktail lover.

Not just "rum" but what kind: how old, how aged, and — most importantly — how much. SCHOFIELD'S Fine and Classic Cocktails Author Sep 2019 - Present 1 year 6 months. Creative Director Asterley Bros.

By: Tiff Christie | October 18,2019. And that is the advantage of a book like Schofield's Fine & Classic Cocktails.Aside from having what would have to be close to a perfect list of cocktail classics, it is a book that runs through the beverage philosophy of two of this era's best bartenders. Schofield's Fine and Classic Cocktails is a clear-cut and informative cocktail book filled with bartending etiquette straight from leading bartenders in the industry, Joe and Daniel Schofield. They've covered the basics, and then some, and included many fine and fanciful drinks not to be overlooked.