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Can a stranger share your memories? That's the question that haunts Brenna Spector when she first sees footage of missing webcam performer Lula Belle. Naked but hidden in shadow, the "performance artist" shares her deepest, darkest secrets with her unseen male audience . . . secrets that, to Brenna, are chillingly familiar. Brenna has perfect memory, able to recall in astonishing detail every moment of every day of her adult life. But her childhood—those carefree years before the traumatic disappearance of her sister, Clea—is frustratingly vague. When Brenna listens to the stories Lula Belle tells her audience, stories only Brenna and Clea could know, those years come to life again in vivid detail. Convinced the missing internet performer has ties to her sister, Brenna takes the case—and in her quest for Lula Belle unravels a web of obsession, sex, guilt, and murder that could regain her family . . . or cost her life.

1 Publisher's summary 2 Plot summary 2.1 The Great Disaster 2.2 The space... The first episode of Into the Dark has one of the best premises of the entire series but never quite figures out what to do with it. It also had the blessing of being able to use Halloween as its ... Jimmi Simpson on His Horror Background and Into The Dark Turn in This Video Exclusive.

Tracy returns with Deep into the Dark, a brand new series set in LA and featuring up-and-coming LAPD Detective Margaret Nolan and murder suspect Sam Easton. Sam Easton―a true survivor―is home from Afghanistan, trying to rebuild a life in his hometown of LA. Whoa- Deep into the Dark by P.J.