Behold the Bones

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Parker,Natalie C
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A haunting, chilling, and atmospheric southern swamp tale perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater s Shiver.In this companion to Beware the Wild, the book New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White called American myth at its very best, Natalie C. Parker takes readers on a journey back to an eerie Louisiana swamp town.Candace Candy Pickens has been obsessed with the swamp lore of her tiny Louisiana town for . . . forever. Name any ghostly swamp figure and Candy will recite the entire tale in a way that will curl your toes and send chills up your spine.That doesn t mean Candy s a believer, however. But with swamp haunts appearing in town every day, a suspicious new family in town, and her own mind starting to betray her, Candy must come to terms with the one piece of swamp lore she s never heard before. It s a tale that s more truth than myth, and may hold all the answers . . . and its roots are in Candy s own family tree."

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Just like her first book, Behold the Bones takes place in Sticks, Lousiana, a town as slow and provincial as its symbolic name suggests. When you're born so deep in the South, you accept heath and gossip as a way of life. Compre online Behold the Bones, de Parker, Natalie C.