The Yellow Fairy Book

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Lang,Andrew H J Ford
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“The Yellow Fairy Book”, the fourth in Andrew Lang’s “Coloured” Fairy Book series, was originally published in 1894. This edition contains all 48 of the original stories and all 105 of the original illustrations. *** The collections were specifically intended for children, and consequently edited for that end. *** When Andrew began publishing these books there were almost no English fairy tale books in circulation. The series proved of great influence in children’s literature, and inspired a host of imitators. The series also proved to be an inspiration to J.R. Tolken and his Middle-Earth collection of novels. *** The stories included in this book are: The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership; The Six Swans; The Dragon of The North; Story of The Emperor’s New Clothes; The Golden Crab; The Iron Stove; The Dragon and His Grandmother; The Donkey Cabbage; The Little Green Frog; The Seven-headed Serpent; The Grateful Beasts; The Giants and the Herd-boy; The Invisible Prince; The Crow; How Six Men Travelled Through the Wide World; The Wizard King; The Nixy; The Glass Mountain; Alphege, or the Green Monkey; Fairer-than-a-fairy; The Three Brothers; The Boy and the Wolves, or The Broken Promise; The Glass Axe; The Dead Wife; In the Land of Souls; The White Duck; The Witch and Her Servants; The Magic Ring; The Flower Queen’s Daughter; The Flying Ship; The Snow-daughter and The Fire-son; The Story of King Frost; The Death of The Sun-hero; The Witch; The Hazel-nut Child; The Story of Big Klaus and Little Klaus; Prince Ring; The Swineherd; How to tell a True Princess; The Blue Mountains; The Tinder-box; The Witch in the Stone Boat; Thumbelina; The Nightingale; Hermod and Hadvor; The Steadfast Tin-soldier; Blockhead-hans; and A Story about a Darning-needle. * * * * Check out the other Andrew Lang books published by Flying Chipmunk Publishing at www. or Friend us on Facebook for our latest releases.

Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Books Yellow, Red, and Green and Blue, All true, or just as good as true, And here's the Yellow Book for you! Hard is the path from A to Z, And puzzling to a curly head, Yet leads to Books—Green, Blue, and Red For every child should understand That letters from the first were planned To guide us into Fairy Land The Yellow Fairy Book Contents: The cat and the mouse in partnership -- The six swans -- The dragon of the North -- Story of the emperor's new clothes -- The golden crab -- The iron stove -- The dragon and his grandmother -- The donkey cabbage -- The little green frog ... It was pointed out by Tony that The Yellow Fairy Book has, so far, been published under four different titles — which is probably unique for a Blyton book. Some EB titles don't seem to reflect the story-content all that much and this seems to be one of them although there's a bit of yellow on the cover but not nearly as much as there is on The Yellow Story Book so — what's a Yellow Fairy? The yellow fairy book.

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