Where The Heart Leads

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Penelope Ashford, Portia Cynster’s younger sister, has grown up with every advantage-wealth, position, and beauty. Yet Penelope is anything but a pretty face in a satin gown--forceful, willful and blunt to a fault, she has for years devoted her considerable energy and intelligence to caring for the forgotten orphans of London’s sooty and seamier streets. But now her charges are mysteriously disappearing. Desperate, Penelope turns to the one man she knows who might help her-Barnaby Adair. Handsome scion of a noble house, Adair has made a name for himself in certain circles where his powers of observation and deduction have seen him solve several serious and unsavory crimes within the ton. Barnaby is intrigued-both by Penelope’s problem, and by her. Her bold beauty and undeniable brains make a striking contrast to the usual insipid ton misses. But as they unravel the mystery, they uncover a trail leading to the upper echelons of society and a ruthless and clever criminal who is only too ready to destroy all they hold dear, including their new-found understanding of the intrigues of the human heart.

3,52 21 5 Verfasser: Stephanie Laurens Sprecher: Charlotte Parry. Hörbuch.

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