Construction Waterproofing Handbook

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Kubal,Michael T.
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The Latest Waterproofing Techniques and TechnologyFully updated to include new techniques for mold remediation, Construction Waterproofing Handbook simplifies the critical task of keeping a building's envelope watertight. It begins with a tutorial on basic waterproofing concepts and materials, then moves on to the particulars of designing and installing systems in commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Written by a renowned expert and popular author on the subject, this comprehensive guide provides key information on such matters as quality assurance, admixtures, expansion joints, testing, and safety. Because of recent natural disasters, clients are more concerned with waterproofing than ever. Construction Waterproofing Handbook provides everything you'll need to complete the most demanding projects with confidence and within budget. Packed with hundreds of illustrations, Construction Waterproofing Handbook includes:• Innovative mold remediation techniques • New information about residential waterproofing • Illustrations of installation procedures • Detailed plans and specifications • SI unitsInside:• Waterproofing Principles • Below-Grade Waterproofing • Above-Grade Waterproofing • Residential Waterproofing • Sealants • Expansion Joints • Admixtures • Remedial Waterproofing • Mold • The Building Envelope • Life Cycles • Envelope Testing • Leak Investigation and Detection • Safety • Guide Specifications • Resources

The Latest Waterproofing Techniques and Technology. Construction Waterproofing Handbook: Second Edition by Kubal, Michael. Click here for the lowest price! Hardcover, 9780071489737, 0071489738 search for books and compare prices.

Each 1 Exam Prep Tabs sheet has five rows of tabs. Start with the first tab at the first row at the top of the page; proceed down that row placing the tabs at the locations listed below. Construction Waterproofing Handbook by Kubal, Michael T..