The Return - Fathers, Sons And The Land In Between

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Hisham Matar's extraordinary memoir The Return is awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Biography. Hisham Matar was nineteen when his father was kidnapped and taken to prison in Libya. He would never see him again. Twenty-two years later, the fall of Gaddafi meant he was finally able to return to his homeland. In this moving memoir, the author takes us on an illuminating journey, both physical and psychological, to find his father and rediscover his country.The Return is at once a universal and an intensely personal tale. It is an exquisite meditation on how history and politics can bear down on an individual life. And yet Hisham Matar's memoir isn't just about the burden of the past, but the consolation of love, literature and art. It is the story of what it is to be human.

Raw memories: Hisham Matar / Danny ... The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between. by Hisham Matar "For a quarter of a century now, hope has been seeping out of me.

So few books manage to convey the emotional anguish of searching ... This sense of living in the in between is pervasive: Matar is in between countries and in between states of being. By returning to Libya in 2012, ...