Remove VBA password from Office Documents

1. Create a new excel file.
2. In the VBA part, set any password.
3. Save the file and exit.
4. Open the file you just created with a hex editor. You can find a free one such as Frhead on the Internet.
5. Copy the section starting with the following keys (search it by specifying CMG with case sensitive option)
6. with the hex editor, open the file from which you want to remove the VBA password. Search the section as described in step 5 and delete it.
7. Paste the section you copied in step 5. Make sure you insert the copied data. You do not want to overwrite. Make sure the start and end of the section you copied are located at the same place.
8. save the excel file and exit.
9. Now, open the excel file for which you need to see the VBA code. Enter the password you selected in step 2.

6 Responses to “Remove VBA password from Office Documents”

  1. Sreekumar Murali says:


    I did this but I am getting a Message while I try to open the VB project as Project is Unviewable. Kindly help me

    • ram says:

      Its very simple….just copy your word/excel/powerpoint template out of startup folder and open.Then you can see all the vba code and you can also make some changes to your vba code.try it…….

  2. Edliml says:

    Not working for a xlsm file.

    • malcolm says:

      It works under an XLSM file but you have 1) save as XLSX (but you will lose Office 2007/2010+ features) 2) OR possibly this will work rename to .ZIP, extract the ZIP, follow the same process on vbaProject.bin and re-zip.

      • taz says:

        It does not work. No matter what I do I am getting “Excel found unreadable content in … Do you want to recover…” and then the macros are removed.

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